Friday, January 30, 2015

High Five for Friday: January 30, 2015

Helllooooo Fridayyyyyy.  Friday's new meaning for me is that sleep is finally on the horizon.  Two days of glorious, uninterrupted (HA!) sleep.  Bring it.

one // Let's kick this off with a delicious looking cupcake.  My sweet tooth is back and let me tell you, limiting the intake of these this week, with the most amazing frosting I've ever tasted in my life, has been very hard to do.  We have a baby shower tomorrow and I'm most looking forward to the dessert bar.  Who's with me?

two // While we're on the topic, can I just say... Girl Scout Cookies.  That is all.

three // My rocker shipped!  Cue happy dance!  It suddenly disappeared from Amazon earlier this month and I got scared so I pulled the trigger and placed my order.  I've been trying to wait until post shower to do much shopping, but I couldn't let this one go.  And good thing too because it was really, really hard to find for a while there.  It seems to be back on Amazon now.  The one I ordered was back ordered - twice, so for a hot second there I was afraid I wasn't going to end up with this one.  But all is good, because as of yesterday it's on its way!  Pregnancy just got real.  I cannot wait to put this in his nursery!

four // As I believe is par for the course, I have lots and lots of ideas and plans for little man once he joins us.  I hope I'm not setting myself up for failure with all my hopes and aspirations as a mom - the list is quite lengthy already.  One of the many things that are currently important to me is making every holiday special - even the little ones.  I'm talking festive food, treats, books, movies, the works.  Because why not?  That's what holidays are for!  So when I saw this little envelope at Target, I had to snag it, even if we won't be using it for a year or so.  I've seen so many cute Valentine's Day Envelopes and ideas for using them.  I can't wait!  :)  I plan to add his initial to the heart, but I wanted to show it off before we did that.  After that's done, I'll have to keep it under lock and key.  Operation "the name is a secret" is still going strong.  T-minus 18 weeks!

five // I rectified the situation from last week and have approximately 100,000 DIY posts coming with all my crafts I've finished off.  I'll try to space them out so it's not craft overload, but watch out.  I've been workin'.

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Little Man's Nursery

Once we found out little G was a little He, we immediately got down to nursery planning.  Yes, WE.  Josh wanted in on the plans for little man's room and I was happy to oblige.  I did have the caveat that he had to play on my color scheme, but he didn't seem to mind that.  ;)

For the basics of the room we're essentially going gray.  The walls are gray, the sheets are gray.  The nursery furniture will be white.  The bed skirt, rocker, and window valance will all be gray chevron.  I really debated doing the rocker in navy chevron, but I wanted a neutral color that would work well in any future nurseries as well. We ordered the one pictured above but with white instead of gray wood.

Most of the furniture linked above is our "inspiration furniture."  My dad is actually building the crib and dresser for babe based on the items I picked out.  I'm so excited to have such great pieces that will last forever!

The color for the room (navy and lime) will come from accessories and art.  I wanted a very neutral pallet for the big stuff so it can all be reused for future babies, but I plan to really make the room fun and fish themed with some accessories and DIY projects!

I'm working with a friend right now to get some custom fish shaped pillows made.  I looked all over Etsy for what I wanted and failed miserably, but my friend is a whiz with a sewing machine, so she's going to make some magic happen for me!  I cannot wait!  I'm doing two fish pillows for the crib (slash floor when babe is playing - don't worry, no pillows in the crib when he's sleeping - I'm aware of the rules of babies and crib stuff. Panic not.) and another two for our rocker.  These will be in a navy and lime pattern fabric, so I think they'll add some color nicely!  (See those bedding photos - those are my color and fabric inspiration since my bedding will actually be gray.  Although if they still made that fish bedding, it would have been game on.)

Some of the other decisions we've made so far are the alphabet wall.  I really just think these are adorable.  I haven't decided if I want to do vinyl or if I want to do painted wooden letters yet.  My mom suggested having shower guests paint the letters in our nursery colors and I think that could be very fun!  But vinyl would be much easier to put up!  So we'll have to see where I land on that idea.

I really want to do a fun mobile in navy, lime, and gray too.  I love the whimsy of this one I found on Etsy.  Josh and I are going to DIY this one together, which I think will be fun.  :)

Josh actually picked out the no wake sign to put on the door.  I'm thinking in some navy and white vinyl, it would be PERFECT.  (Have I mentioned my love of vinyl yet? No?  Seriously!  It's so versatile and non-permanent... It. Is. PERFECT.)

Other DIY projects I want to tackle (haha, fishing pun, get it? get it?):
-cute name blocks.  I think they would look great in his name on his dresser.  Or a small shelf.  Definitely making some of these!
-wall art for over the crib.  I cannot decide what I want yet, so that's out there.  I contemplated something with his name, but we're doing the alphabet on the opposite wall and that feels like a lot of letters.  So, I'm undecided.
-crib blanket!  I mentioned before I crocheted a navy and lime blanket for babe.  It's just a bitty blanket about 30'' by 38''.  But it will be perfect for when he's big enough to be in the crib with blanket and for just decorating the nursery in the mean time.  I may do a second one as well - I found a cute pattern online that looks quick and easy (HA! HA!) and I figure you really can't O.D. on blankets, so I might attempt that one too.
-bookshelves.  We can't decide what we want - gutter bookshelves, spice rack bookshelves, a canoe bookshelf (that idea was all Josh).  Since we're renting it would be best to have something nice and small (read: short) that doesn't need to be secured to the wall, so our options are a little limited.  We might end up with a book basket!  I don't know yet!  But it's important to me that babe has access to all his books at any time when he gets to that age, so we're trying to work that right into our nursery design.

So, we have some work to do.  I'm excited by how on board Josh is with all the ideas.  He's so excited for a little boy.  It's the best! :)

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Bump Date: 21 weeks!

(21 weeks coming to you complete with a 'husband side eye.')

.:.:.: About the Babe :.:.:.
How far along: 21 weeks
Baby is the size of: an Eggplant!  1-1.3 lbs and 11-12 in
Gender: BOY!
Movement: Lots of weird movements all over the place.  No idea what is going on in there!
Name: We have it! :)

.:.:.: About Mom :.:.:.
Weight gain: +11 pounds. I've reached the point I no longer want to know how much more I gain.
Maternity clothes: Pants, yes! And a lot of tops now.
Stretch marks: Sadly, yes.  But not on my stomach.  Ech.
Belly button in or out: In - but getting flatter by the day now.
Wedding rings on or off: On - but not for much longer I'm thinking.  It was fitting prettyyyy snug this weekend.
Sleep: As good as can be expected, I think.  Not awesome, but better than it has been.
Best moment this week: Fingers crossed, my rocker is suppose to be on it's way this week!
Buying: Supplies for a new DIY project, of course!  I can't show this one off until after he makes his arrival (his name is involved), but hopefulyyyyy I am making the same thing for a friend, so I should be able to show that one off!
Miss anything: Hot dogs. :(  I really want a hot dog.
Cravings: Lemonade.  Cookies.  Misc random items that make no sense what-so-ever.
Queasy or sick: Been pretty good!  *knock on wood*
Looking forward to: Feeling babes kicks more and sharing them with Dad!  :)

Monday, January 26, 2015

Frankenmuth SnowFest

Today's regularly scheduled bump date will be coming soonishly.  Hopefully tomorrow.  I forgot the "take a photo" part.  I'm really a roll this week, aren't I?  But worry not, because this weekend I actually did manage to take some photos!

Saturday, we went with Josh's family to the SnowFest in Frankenmuth.  I was really excited about going, but after a slow start, I was losing enthusiasm fast.  We got there a little after 3:30 and waited until almost 5 for a shuttle from Bronner's to downtown.  Someone had told us it was a two mile walk, so we opted to keep waiting and waiting and waiting.  Really it was a quarter mile.  The things we wish we would have known.

After that though, it was much, much better.  We got a seat for dinner at the Bavarian Inn almost immediately - maybe a 10 minute wait which felt like nothing.  I was disappointed with my food, but not my flavored lemonade.  (You win some, you lose some.)  We were able to see the fireworks show from our table though - that was a nice perk!

After dinner, we ventured downstairs to the shops.  My sister-in-law bought me a chocolate covered rice krispy treat and won herself the best sister-in-law ever award.  We also had the strangest occurrence to date happen while we were waiting around.  You may have noticed from my blog photos, but my husband has a beard that more or less rivals all beards.  This thing is his pride and joy.  I'm used to going out in public with him and fielding random compliments and questions about it.  He's even had some strangers pet his beard before.  But, for the first time ever, someone actually wanted their picture taken with him.

I've likened being married to a man with a beard to being married to a celebrity.  It's true, apparently. (And the closest I'll ever get, so in my book it totally counts.) So that was pretty entertaining.
And, of course, the reason we were there in the first place: the snow and ice sculptures!  Frankly, I do not understand why someone would sculpt something that is going to melt away to nothing, but they were fun to look at.  We stopped in the shops while wandering around and got some cheese and hot chocolate (not consumed at the same time, mind you).

So that was my fun weekend!  Well, the fun part of my weekend I guess.  The rest was filled with a funeral and a whole lotta sleep.  I've found that as much as I love running around the state, I really need my weekends of doing nothing - or at least a day.  It's getting harder and harder to go, go, go all the time.  Eeeekkkk.

Friday, January 23, 2015

High Five for Friday: January 23, 2014

Can I get an amen for Friday, please?  Getting up this week has just been a bear.  I think it might be time to reinstate the pregnant lady bedtime (read: 9 or earlier).  However, I have enjoyed feeling a bit more like an adult the last few weeks, what with going to bed at 10-10:30.  Crazy person, I know.

one // In case you wondered, bananas are where it's at.  I bought no less than 10 pounds of bananas this week.  Through a few days of trial and error I discovered the extra potassium in my diet is alleviating my nighttime charlie horses and, can I just say, waking up NOT in pain is glorious.  Hand me another banana.

two // I finished my baby blanket for little G AND whipped out a hat.  Just call me Martha Stewart.  At some point, I'll take pics and show it off.  I'm really happy with how well it turned out - and how warm it is!  I've already caught Josh using it once.

three // Speaking of craftiness, I also have two diaper cakes, some cards, and a care package (heck yes) to show off.  I was busy, busy last weekend!  I guess I should get busy, busy snapping some evidence, shouldn't I?

four // I started my taxes for this year.  Hold me.  They're almost done now, just waiting on one more W2.  I like to do them early because, well, I like money.

five // Huh - not a single photo this week.  Apparently, as mentioned, I am photography adverse in all aspects lately.  I'll get on that ASAP.  I will.  I am.  ...  Ok, Going...

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

5 Goals for 2015

The last few years, I've done a 35 in 365 in 2012, 13 Goals for 2013 and 14 Goals in 2014, so this year I wanted to continue the tradition, but on a smaller scale.  I'm not setting 15 goals for 2015, but I did have a few things I wanted to work on.  So here's my newest list!

1. Have a baby. This is sort of a goal, right?  T-minus 4.5 months until our baby boy is here.  I already know this alone will make it the best year ever and negate any other goals I don't hit, but I felt like including this here anyway.  Specifically relating to baby I want to DIY much of his nursery, cloth diaper, breast feed, make my own baby food when we move to solids, crochet tons of cute hats and blankets and just be the best mom ever, in general.  Those are some lofty goals to hit. ;)

2. Grow the business. I talked about this last week in my post, but I'd love to hit a few goals we didn't get to in 2014.

3. Start my MBA. My goal, before getting pregnant, was to start in the fall of 2015, so I'm holding firm to that goal and still planning to start the program this fall if all goes according to plan!

4. Make time for me. This one is sort of vague, but with a baby coming and life in general getting busier, one of my goals is to remember me time.  Be it reading, just vegging on the couch, or painting my nails, I want to try to remember that sometimes it's ok to do nothing and just relax.

5. Eat out less. We turn to eating out a lot because, well, we're lazy.  We get busy and then the last thing we want to do is cook dinner.  So in 2015, I'd like to focus on making meals a priority and turn to fast food less.  

So there you have it.  Short and sweet, but I think it hits the high points.  There's a lot to do on that list!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Bump Date: 20 Weeks!

.:.:.: About the Babe :.:.:.
How far along: 20 weeks
Baby is the size of: a Cantaloupe!  12.7 oz and 10.51 in
Gender: BOY!
Movement: Small kicks, almost daily now!
Name: We have it! :)

.:.:.: About Mom :.:.:.
Weight gain: +11 pounds. The holidays were not good to me!  EEEEKKKK.  That on top of a non-stop appetite for a couple weeks where I literally ate everything that was not nailed down.  I seem to be leaving that phase - thank goodness.
Maternity clothes: Pants, yes! And a lot of tops now.
Stretch marks: Sadly, yes.  But not on my stomach.  Ech.
Belly button in or out: In - but getting flatter by the day now.
Wedding rings on or off: On!
Sleep: Awful, awful, awful.   Saturday night I was up every hour with Charlie Horses in my hips.  Make them stopppppp.
Best moment this week: Finishing little man's blanket!  I can't wait to show it off!
Buying: We picked up a couple outfits this weekend.  And a cute felt Valentine's Day Envelope for next year! :)  I'm trying to hold off buying toooo much until after the shower. 
Miss anything: Still the back pain.  I could really do without it.  Ech.
Cravings: More tame this week.  Nothing comes to mind that I HAD to have this week.
Queasy or sick: Been pretty good!  *knock on wood*
Looking forward to: Feeling babes kicks more and sharing them with Dad!  :)