Make Up Tips

Make Up Tips

Every girl loves to put on mascara and foundation and get a radiant look. Every girl aspires to look her best and that she tries on several things to don the perfect look. Make up is a simple and quick way to hide all your blemishes and get the perfect look. But, getting makeup is no easy task and it is extremely important to know the short tips and tricks to a perfect make up. To become a pro at makeup skills we are here with a few tips to help you get your perfect look for your special day. my fav brand is MAC

  1. Tissue Saver: one usually gets tired spreading the foundation evenly over your face. Apply foundation all over your face roughly and the use a tissue to spread it. In a circular motion try to settle it subtly. It helps give a real look to your skin.
  2. Mascara Hack: always try using fresh Mascara. Mascara sticks dry away with time and lead to uneven clog at eyelashes. So use new mascara or many be a month old so that it easily glides on your lashes.
  3. Lip Color: your skin tone and your lip color should match evenly. People end up putting on red lipstick for a seductive look but, it is extremely important to know what shad suits your tone.
  4. Go Step Wise: Before applying make-up, clean your skin with a face wash, moisturize it lightly, apply a primer and then put on foundation. These steps are very crucial for the perfect make-up.
  5. Eyeliner: while applying your eyeliner, go close enough to the mirror and try to gear your head up. Then apply your liner from inner to outer side very swiftly.
  6. Eyebrow Tip: to get a perfect brow look shade your eyebrow with a pencil or may be brush and spread that evenly so that it gives the look of a facelift.
  7. The Look Of A Pro: to get the desired look, these days people opt for a bronze make-up. Try applying the shade powder towards the outer face so that you get the perfect look otherwise if in the centre, it will fake the whole make-up and will give an unnatural look to your face. 
  8. Curl Them Up: if you have short eye lashes or have dimmed eyes, then use an eyelash curler. It will give your eyes the perfect wide- eyed look and give you a great outlook overall.
  9. Blend Well: finally after the whole application it is extremely important to get a smooth look. So it is important to blend your make-up completely. To don this all you need to do is use your fingers and not brush. A brush spreads the make-up but not evenly and usage of fingers helps to finish off your make-up like a pro.
  10. Hide Eye Puffiness: dark circles and eye puffiness usually give you a bad look. To hide that it is important to use a dark concealer. It gives a dark look to the eyes which actually is classic and hides the eye bags.

How To Get A Glowing Skin

How To Get A Glowing Skin

Finding it tough to get the flawless, radiant and glowing skin that you always dream of?? No more. Going natural today is extremely important for a healthy lifestyle and an ever glowing skin. It is certainly a dream in today’s era to get an acne and oil free skin and to get the desired skin one always desires for. So here we have summed up a few extra professional tips to get a glowing and radiant skin because your face is what represents you and there’s probably no one who would not like to have a beautiful face. Try new Himalya Face Wash

  1. Remove Those Layers: it is a usual habit of people that they do not remove their make up before hitting their beds. It is extremely important to remove that extra ravishing layer that you wear to cover your natural skin. But it is a lesser known fact that wearing makeup while sleeping destroys skin much quickly than it usually does. The make up we wear prevents the skin to breathe and blocks or clogs the pores on the skin. You can use a make up remover or even oil on a cotton pad and slightly remove the layer of your make up.
  2. Maintain A Healthy Diet: a balanced diet is important to get a healthy and glowing skin. Fresh fruits and vegetables are not only important for maintenance of your skin but also for your health. Include dry fruits in your dirt and try to cut sugar consumption and spice in your food. According to a study, a diet rich in Vitamin C products and low in fats and sugars results in a beautiful skin.
  3. Burn Out!: it is extremely important to burn your calories on a daily basis. The calories in your body play an extremely important role. Try running, skipping, cycling to initially the body cleansing mechanism and also enhances body circulation. Exercising helps improve the overall blood circulation in your body and helps to rejuvenate your inner skin cells and keeps you fresh all along.
  4. Drink More Water: water is life not only for survival but also for the maintenance of your body cells. The more hydrated you are the more refreshed your body is and the more beautiful your skin will be. Drinking water over time reduces all the spots and marks over your body and flushes out all the undesirable toxins from the body giving you a fresh and natural skin and body.
  5. Go Natural: use organic products and avoid going artsy. What all products you use like fairness creams and other beauty products contains harmful chemicals which slowly destroys your lining of skin cells and gives a distorted skin. Try using products available at home like honey, lemon, turmeric and many other substances that are organically neutral to the application on your skin and are the ones which will never destroy your skin. Try making homemade pastes and masks and follow their application along, they might take time giving results but will surely help you get the desired glow.

How To Remove Blackheads?

How To Remove Blackheads?

Blackheads are surely nightmares of teenage girls, they get all very conscious about their looks and end up taking wrong decisions in order to get quick results. There are some warnings so that you don’t end up making them worse. Never touch them with the intentions of pricking them up. Touching them with fingers will lead to heavy exposure with dirt and bacteria, which multiplies the birth of blackheads over the skin. In case, you try removing them with lot of force, it may remove a blackhead but will leave blank whole like structure on your face. You can also use the following conventional methods and face packs made out of natural ingredients at the comfort of your home.

1. Honey And Cinnamon Pack:

Any skin trouble can be countered using Honey which acts as an antibiotic. This pack will pull out the dirt from the face while the cinnamon chunks will act as scrubbing agents. Take a tablespoon of honey and crush some cinnamon strips. Now mix honey and crushed cinnamon. Simply apply the mix on your face with clean fingers. Keep scrubbing for two-three minutes and remove it using a wet towel and then rinse it.

2. An Egg Mask:

A homemade peel-off mask made up of white portion of your Eggs will let you tighten any kind of pores alongwith extraction of dirt. Take the white portion from two eggs (make sure you remove the yellow yolk part). Take this liquid and apply in layers over your face with a brush. Let it dry for two minutes. After two minutes, add the rest of your pack and then leave it for extra 10 minutes. Peel the mask and rinse off any of the  remaining parts

3. Oatmeal And Yogurt Pack:

Put the content of lactic acid to some use here. When yogurt and oatmeal are mixed together, they can help you in removing all the Blackheads. Make a slurry paste of some three tablespoons of yogurt alongwith two tablespoons of whole oats, you may also add lemon juice and olive oil, if your skin type is not sensitive. Apply the paste into your fingers. Then rinse it with warm water after ten minutes.

4. Fenugreek Paste:

Fenugreek is a wonder product that not only works on your health but also on your skin. Make a slurry green paste out of fenugreek leaves to remove the Blackheads. Now simply apply this paste over your face and let it be there for 10 minutes atleast before rinsing off.

5. Lemon And Salt Mix:

Citric content of lemon helps to purify the skin inside-out. When paired with salt, lemon extracts become super active at the duty of cleaning the face. Squeeze some lemon juice into a bowl of yogurt and sprinkle salt. You can also add honey to reduce the chances of reaction that can occur because of lemon. Scrub the blackhead-prone areas for atleast 2-3 minutes and then simply wash your wash off with luke-warm water.