Min Hyo Rin Before And After Surgery

Jung Eun Ran famously known as Min Hyo rin was born on 5 February, 1986 in Daegu. She is an actress, singer and model.  In 2006, she started modelling for brand Flapper. She also made her appearance in videos for F.T island and Park Ki young.  She released her solo album named Rin Zin and single Touch Me.She made her debut in TV series Triple. In 2010,  she was the lead in the adapted series from novel Romantic Movement with 4 directors. And all directors worked in 4 different locations in Seoul. In show Fox’s Butler, she paired up with singer Seven.  In 2011, she also hosted the season of Mnet’s Report Feel.The chirpy and pretty girl opted for cosmetic help to look this flawless, actress has a long way to go with the her altered face. Her fans and critics keep bringing her into the circle of rumours. Many Believe that Jung was inspired to take such a big step after she saw Robin McGraw After Plastic Surgeyr Pictures

Min Hyo Rin Before And After Surgery

1. Eyelid Surgery

This surgery is the most trending one especially in Korea and China where people despite having good hair and skin fail to get recognisation globally because of their heavy and dominating eyelids.Getting them up-lighted is the major thing you got to do and boom, you start looking attractive. It’s also good in the good run, the skin around your eyes is already enhanced and now it won’t succumb to ageing wrinkles.You don’t even need to look at her images for a confirmation because she herself confessed of having this surgery. The surgery makes her eyes look wider than before. Earlier she spotted smaller eyes.

2. Nose Job

Min Hyo is a diva, partially because of her body and partially because of her nose. Her nose stands heavy on her side. She has got a pointed nose with sharp cuts, the combination is slaying.The problem is when you open up about your one surgery, your fans expect you to be frank and honest about all others. Something similar happened with Min, her positive confession of getting an eyelid surgery landed her in a pool of speculation and here the question is being raised to her nose now. It’s believed that she underwent a rhinoplasty and this is not here natural nose cut and the rumours surfaced with several of her before and after images.But she has also refused to any inquiry related to her rhinoplasty but the changes of her nose clearly points out at a subtle treatment.

Her nose is counted one of the most ideal one in the town, the shape is perfect, the length is desirable and the edges are dramatically  chiselled well.Such a divine nose is not common to be inherited from parents.She was naturally beautiful and her fans are satisfied that these minor surgeries just gave her better and polished looks and they are completely edgy over her counterparts.

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